EYOF Stars #6 – Dovydas Buika

Monday, 06 June 2022

Two months before the start of the EYOF, the list of qualified athletes for the EYOF in Banská Bystrica is slowly but surely extending. One of them is the talented basketball player Dovydas Buika. 

A Lithuanian athlete celebrated his fifteenth birthday a few days ago. Last season 2020/2021, he won gold at the Ramünas Šiškaunkas tournament. Read a short interview with a promising basketball player.

What does it mean for Dovydas to play at the EYOF? 

For me, competing at the EYOF means a great chance and opportunity to represent my country, my team and myself. It also means I can spend time with what I love – playing basketball.

Who is your greatest role model?

My biggest sports role model is Kobe Bryant, because of his mentality and sportsmanship. His ability to always give others everything he has to offer is a huge inspiration to me that motivates me to strive to my full potential. 

What do the values of Olympism and fair play mean to you?

For me, the values of Olympism and fair play mean that everyone I play with or against him has a great passion for what he does (his sport) and does not try to gain an illegal advantage in it. Moreover, by playing fair, we show that we all respect each other. 

What is your biggest sports achievement so far?

I consider winning the gold medal at the Šiškauskas’ Cup to be my greatest sports success. In this tournament, my teammates and I had the honour of representing our country. Plus, it’s my latest trophy so the experience and emotions are still strong. 

We are looking forward to seeing Dovydas in Banská Bystrica.

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