Thursday, 28. July 2022


Time Category Discipline Event
09:00 Boys Singles Final TV
09:00 Girls Singles Final TV
12:00 Mix Doubles Round of 64, Round of 32 TV


Time Category Discipline Event
09:30 Boys Block of competitions 50m Freestyle M
100m Breaststroke M
100m Butterfly M
200m Freestyle M
09:30 Girls Block of competitions 100m Backstroke W
200m Ind Medley W
100m Breaststroke W
09:30 Mix Block of competitions 4x100m Medley Mixed
18:00 Boys 50m Freestyle 50m Freestyle M Semi-Finals
18:05 Girls 100m Backstroke 100m Backstroke W Semi-Finals
18:12 Boys 100m Breaststroke 100m Breaststroke M Semi-Finals
18:17 Girls 200m Individual Medley 200m Ind.Medley W Semi-Finals
18:25 Boys 100m Butterfly 100m Butterfly M Semi-Finals
18:31 Girls 100m Breaststroke 100m Breaststroke W Semi-Finals
18:37 Boys 200m Freestyle 200m Freestyle M Semi-Finals
18:45 Girls 200m Freestyle 200m Freestyle W Final
18:50 Boys 200m Backstroke 200m Backstroke M Final
18:55 Girls 100m Butterfly 100m Butterfly W Final
19:00 Boys 50m Freestyle 50m Freestyle M Final
19:13 Mix 4x100m Medley Relay 4x100m Medley Mixed Final


Time Category Discipline Event
10:00 Girls 100m Hurdles Heptathlon Heats
10:25 Girls 100m Hurdles Round 1
10:35 Girls Shot Put Qualification Groups AB
11:00 Boys 200 Metres Round 1
11:10 Girls High Jump Heptathlon Group Stage A
11:35 Girls 200 Metres Semifinal
12:50 Boys Triple Jump Victory Ceremony
12:56 Girls 100 Metres Victory Ceremony 100m Girls + Decathlon Boys
16:35 Girls High Jump Qualification Groups AB
17:00 Girls Pole Vault Final
17:50 Boys 110m Hurdles Final
18:00 Girls Shot Put Heptathlon Group A
18:05 Girls 800 Metres Final
18:20 Girls 400 Metres Final
18:45 Girls 2000m Steeplechase Steeplechase Final
19:00 Girls Hammer Throw Final
19:10 Girls 200 Metres Final
19:30 Girls 200 Metres Heptathlon Heats
20:00 Boys 400 Metres Final
20:20 Girls 400m Hurdles Final
20:25 Girls Pole Vault Victory Ceremony
20:31 Boys 110m Hurdles Victory Ceremony
20:37 Girls 800 Metres Victory Ceremony
20:43 Girls 400 Metres Victory Ceremony
20:49 Girls 2000m Steeplechase Victory Ceremony 2000m SC


Time Category Discipline Event
10:00 Boys -90 kg Eliminations/Repechage
10:00 Boys -81 kg Eliminations/Repechage
10:00 Girls -70 kg Eliminations/Repechage
10:00 Girls -63 kg Eliminations/Repechage
16:00 Boys -90 kg Final
16:00 Boys -81 kg Final
16:00 Girls -70 kg Final
16:00 Girls -63 kg Final


Time Category Discipline Event
10:00 Boys Singles Quarterfinal
10:00 Girls Singles Quarterfinal
10:00 Mix Doubles Quarterfinal
16:00 Mix Doubles Semifinal


Time Category Discipline Event
11:00 Girls Road Race Road Race
16:00 Boys Road Race Road Race


Time Category Discipline Event
14:00 Mix Mix Pair Final / FOP
17:15 Mix Award Ceremony - Mix Pair Final