The most frequently asked questions

1. Can Volunteers under the age of 16 also take a part in the event?

Only Volunteers who reach the aged of 16 or more can take a part in the event. Volunteers aged between 16 and 17 may participate in EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022 only with the consent of the legal representative.

2. Is necessary to sign a volunteers’ contract?

The signing of the volunteers’ contract is necessary based on Act no. 406/2011 Coll. about volunteering. The contract defines the rights and obligations of the recipient of volunteer activities and volunteers. The Agreement is designed in order to  protect the interests of both parties as well as exclude unfair practices and intentions of the parties.

3. Am I entitled to food and insurance on day-off when I do not volunteer?

No. Only volunteers who volunteer for at least 8 hours at the workplace during the day are entitled to food and refreshments. The provided insurance of volunteers does not cover days when the volunteer does not work on volunteer activities. In addition to volunteer service, the volunteer carries out day-to-day activities at his/her own risk.

4. Am I entitled to attend an event like a visitor on the sports fields?

Based on accreditation, volunteers can enter the sports fields only in their personal free time, in civilian clothes, if the free capacity of the sports fields for the public allows it.

5. Can I keep on doing volunteer activities for more than 8 hours daily?

Volunteers can, based on their own initiative or at the request of the organizer and by mutual agreement, carry out voluntary activities from more than 8 hours daily. In agreement with the organizer, the volunteer has other rights in this case.

6. From when to when is volunteers’ participation needed at EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022?

Every volunteer is needed during the whole event EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022. The official arrival day of each Olympic team is July 24, 2022 and the departure day is July 30, 2022. Some volunteers’ positions may require more days of volunteers’ service than others. We will need the help of volunteers in a certain period before the start of the event and also after its end (eg administration, accreditation, logistics, infrastructure, fun zones and others).

7. Can I volunteer only for a part of the event and then get a volunteer’s certificate of attendance?

The organizer requires volunteers to participate during the entire event EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022. But in case of valid reasons, after the consideration of the case by the Director of Volunteers, allowance  of the participation and a certificate of volunteering can be granted. The volunteer must be in an agreement with a fact that after an individual agreement, he/she may be assigned to another appropriate volunteer position.

8. I do not speak English or other foreign language. Is it a problem?

It is possible to volunteer on positions where the knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary. Volunteers will have a short Slovak-English dictionary as a part of a Volunteer Guide, which will contain  the basics of language and phrases to be used  during the event.

9. I live in the suburbs of the Banska Bystrica district. Do I have a right for volunteer accommodation? If not - will there be  some form of public transportation available?

Volunteers living outside of the Banska Bystrica district are entitled to accommodation. The accreditation card will allow the volunteers to use public transport (MHD) for free of charge. A free shuttle service will be provided for volunteers from partner cities.

10. What quality of accommodation will be available for volunteers from outside of Banska Bystrica district?

The city of Banska Bystrica has very limited capacity of accommodation for such a large event. The standard of volunteers’ accommodation will be very modest and volunteers will be accommodated at high school dormitories in the towns of Banska Bystrica and Zvolen.

11. I do not live in Banska Bystrica district. Can I book my own accommodation?

Volunteers can find their own accommodation during the EYOF in Banska Bystrica 2022 on their own expenses in the form of AirBnB, private apartments or apartments of residents (family, friends, classmates and so on). Financial compensation for accommodation is NOT provided to volunteers if they want to use their own accommodation options.