You - the volunteers - were an important and integral part of the EYOF Banská Bystrica 2022 event. With your activity, determination, willingness and constant positive attitude, you contributed to the successful organization of this great event. Thanks to you, we can say that we really shined.



Volunteers are a very important part of the preparation and organization of  the European Youth Olympic Festival. They will be the “face of event” and will be visible not only on sports fields but in the whole city of Banska Bystrica.

Volunteers are creating unforgettable and friendly atmosphere and mood on every mega event.

Volunteers are participating in activities in their free time (their free decision) without requirements the expectation of a reward.

Volunteers do not lack a dose of enthusiasm. Love of sport is a big advantage but it is not a requirement for volunteering.

If you are interested in becoming a member of “I am Volunteer EYOF 2022” volunteers’ team, gain valuable experiences and unforgettable moments, meet new people, and enrich your CV, do not hesitate to register.

Almost every applicant older than 16 years could become the volunteer. The European Youth Olympic Festival Banska Bystrica 2022 offers the opportunity to be part of a major multi-sport event. It is a springboard into the world of great sport for many young athletes in the age between 14 and 18 years old, motivated to experience the Olympic atmosphere.

Volunteers will receive a certificate of volunteering for their contribution, which can help them in their future professional and study career. At the same time, their experience will allow them an easier access to other important sport events.

More information about the process of volunteer preparation can be found in the section how to become a volunteer.

For more information about opportunities for cooperation and how to help can be found in section volunteer service.

Please read the information and instructions in the registration section before creating a volunteer account and filling out the registration form.

In the FAQs section you can find answers to many questions. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at You can also contact us via the social network Facebook EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022 or join a volunteer informal group on Facebook reserved only for volunteers Vounteers of the European Youth Olympic festival 2022. If you are interested in enriching your CV with volunteering, you can also find us on LinkedIn.

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Director of Volunteers Relationship Manager
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