The registration process and the registration itself

The volunteer’s process of registration is divided into three steps. The first step is to create a volunteer account. In the second step, it is necessary to confirm the registration of a volunteer account by clicking on a confirmation link sent via e-mail. The last step of the process is filling in and confirm the registration form.

We recommend to use the web browser Google Chrome for the process of registration and the usage of the volunteer account. The registration is possible also via other web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari), but some active components may not work correctly. The web environment of the registration form is not optimized for smartphones hence why we recommend using your laptop or personal computer (PC). The registration, the user’s environment and the registration form is created in two language mutations (the Slovak and the English Language). The language choice is displayed in the up-right corner of the web page.

Prepare your passport (foreign volunteers) or an ID card (Slovak volunteers) and a photo for filling in the registration form. The picture needs to be focused on your face against a one-coloured background (ideally white) and needs to be current – used for obvious identification based on visual cues.

You can save your partly filled in registration form and continue to work with it later. It is necessary to fill in all the fields in the registration form. The registration system will give you a notice about all unfilled fields.

Please make sure to state only truthful information during the registration process. Details of the provision of personal data, their processing and use are in the document about the provision, processing and use of the personal data in accordance with the European Union Regulation GDPR.




Volunteer account registration

Confirmation of the registration and activation of the volunteer account

After the successful registration, you need to check your e-mail account specified in the registration form. If you do not receive an email from the user “EYOF 2022 Volunteers Team” with the subject “Volunteer Portal: Account activation | Dobrovoľnícky portál: Aktivácia účtu” within ten minutes, please check your spam box. If you do not find any e-mail in spam, please contact us.

The volunteer account is activated by clicking on a unique link from the e-mail. Upon clicking on the attached link in the confirmation e-mail, you will see a confirmation message about successful activation of the volunteer account. That enables you to log in to the user interface of the volunteer account.


Event selection and filling the registration form

After logging in to the volunteer account, it is necessary to choose the upcoming organized event in which you want to participate as a volunteer. In this case, it is the European Youth Olympic Festival Banská Bystrica 2022.


Then it is necessary to register yourself by clicking on the green button “Register” and fill in all fields in the registration form with relevant information.

The details of the registration form are on four pages in several sections. When filling out the registration form, please have following thing ready:

  • Identity card (ID) or the other identity card (passport).
  • Photo with ratio of sides 3:4 in .jpg or jpeg format up to 2.0 MB in size.

Personal information

In Personal information section, you fill in all necessary information. Use the DD-MMM-YYYY format when entering your date of birth. For example, if you were born on January 12, 1995 you need to enter your date of birth as “12-jan-1995” or use the option of selection of your date of birth from the calendar (by clicking on the black arrow in the grey box).

If you are more than 16 years old and less than 18 years old before the beginning of the organized event EYOF 2022 Banska Bystrica, it is necessary to fill in the personal and contact details of the legal representative. The section will be unblocked automatically after entering your date of birth.

Other information and IT skills

In other information and IT skills, we are interested in your finished education, language skills and IT skills at various levels.

Choice of volunteer position and volunteer’ experiences

In this section you need to choose positions you are interested in. At the same time, we want to find out what are your most significant previous volunteer experiences, what is your motivation to do volunteer activities at the EYOF Banska Bystrica 2022, what are your strengths with which you can contribute to the organization of the event. You also need to upload your picture as a part of this section.

Your uploaded photo can be edited (cut out a certain part of photo). The photo must show your face, make it possible to visually identify you. The photo is necessary for the creation and production of the accreditation card, which provides with access to areas reserved for organizers and accredited persons.

Part of this section is reserved for providing information about the need of accommodation during the EYOF 2022 Banska Bystrica, entering a contact in case of emergency and your additional contact details.

Preliminary date of interview and Health information

In the last section of the registration form, you enter the preferred date of the interview. The date of the interviews is not binding - the dates of the organized interviews will be published in the future. We will inform you about the dates after successful submission of the registration form.

In this stage, you have selected the preferred date for an online interview. We will make sure to inform you regarding new dates and times of online interviews via the volunteer portal, where you have created your profile. New dates and times are always published at the beginning of each month. Please choose one that suits you the best and ensure to save your selection. Prior to the interview, we will send you a link to the online interview via email. It is necessary to have access to an electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a working camera and microphone.

If you have serious health problems or serious food allergies, feel free to let us know. From the point of view of safety and health protection at work it is necessary for the organizer to know this information. Please fill the information only if you have serious health problems or serious food allergies that could endanger your health or life when volunteering.

The last part of the registration form is the expression of consent with the processing and use of personal data.

By clicking on the “Confirmation” button, you submit the registration form and then you need to confirm the submission of the registration.


After confirming the submission of the registration, the data you have filled in will be sent to a secure database and the registration is completed. After this process, you can see all the data entered, but it is no longer possible to edit it.